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Kunooz Engineering Consultants are architects based in Abu Dhabi since 2008, as a consultant engineering establishments specialized in:
  • Architecture (Traditional & Modern designing)
  • Interiors
  • Urban Design
  • Landscape Design
  • Project Management
  • Consultancy Solution
  • Construction
  • Facility management
Kunooz Engineering Consultant has a sharpened eye for the beautiful interesting, and unusual coupled with the talent to apply all of these to your life.

A highly cultivated taste, taste that is knowledgeable is likely to be existing and provocative, a personal taste at its high level. To develop in taste, quality and personality, one is obliged to respect the past, accept the present and look with enthusiasm towards the future. Our understanding is that every object emanates out vibrations beyond its physical body, which are specific to it. Those vibrations vary in nature, texture, and its form.

Quality living requires quality environment. A more pleasant and healthy internal environment is more likely to improve the standard of living and the existence of well-designed towers in a healthy society.

The way people feel and behave while linked to their overall satisfaction rates and level of happiness.

Kunooz Engineering Consultants earn a reputation, and the reputation is earned through the firm’s ability to deliver projects on time and within budget. The inclusion of  Kunooz  Engineering Consultants as the Architect and a member of project team offer the following advantages.

  • Top Management Commitment.
  • Broad range of experience by country and sector.
  • Innovative project approaches and solutions.
  • Regional knowledge and presence in the UAE.
  • High caliber in-house architectural and Engineering expertise.
  • Dedicated per-architectural staff.
  • Quality control throughout the life-cycle of a project.
  • Fast track project delivery experience.
  • Recognition as a leading architectural Manger in the UAE

Innovative Concepts

We believe that every successful identity and brand is a visual image that expresses personality, character and values, which eventually is theme designed to inform or persuade people. These essentials core elements core innovative use of concept design and our expertise to create a valuable impact mutual relationship with clients by using creative methods to produce and create positive design perceptions of difference, guaranteed to win customer loyalty, where in their ongoing needs become our service commitments.